garlic bread | oven-baked cob loaf with garlic & parsley butter 9.8

arancini (3) | panko-parmesan crumbed risotto balls filled with mozzarella, mushroom & pumpkin – served on a red capsicum coulis 9.8

spicy salt cauliflower | fried cauliflower served with a lime chilli aioli (v+) 9.8

bruschetta | sour dough topped with a sunflower seed & basil pesto, feta cheese, roasted pumpkin & a toasted nut seed sprinkle (v+) – served with vegan feta instead 12.8


green pea & parmesan linguine | with spinach, beans, rocket & lemon zest – tossed in a chilli olive oil 19.8

vegan burritos | oven-baked white corn tortillas filled with jackfruit, blackbeans & rice – topped with vegan cheese & served with charred corn & jalapeno aioli (v+) 22.8


thai salad | thai-style slaw, cherry tomatoes, peanuts, fried shallots, coriander & mint – served with a zesty thai dressing (v+) 9.8

rosemary chat potatoes | (v+) 9.8

thick chips | (v+) 9.8

garden salad | salad leaves, cucumber & tomatoes with a vinaigrette dressing (v+) 9.8


passionfruit lemon slice | made with fresh lemon juice in a gluten free cookie crumb mix, topped with a passionfruit butter frosting (gf) (v) 7.8

raspberry apple crumble | raspberry, apple and almondine topped with a brown sugar crumble 7.8

chocolate lamington | an ol’ aussie favorite. Jam filled vanilla pound cake, choc dipped and coated in shredded coconut 7.8

vegan fudge brownie | chocolate & walnut fudge slice topped with a chocolate ganache (v+) 9.8

sticky date pudding | warmed sticky date pudding served with a rich butterscotch sauce & cream (v) 13.8

new york cheesecake | a traditional new york cheesecake topped with a berry compote (gf) (v) 12.8

lemon meringue pie | all butter shortbread base filled with a creamy lemon curd and topped with a marshmallowy italian meringue (v) 12.8

vegan berry pie  |  coconut  cake topped with berry compote & vanilla crumble. served with dairy free ice cream(v+) 14.8

chocolate or strawberry sundae  |  vanilla ice cream, topping, whipped cream & wafer 8.8

affogato  |  vanilla ice cream with espresso & frangelico 12.8